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GA Parking Lot Paving Pros are top-rated paving contractors in Kennesaw. We are known for our attention to detail, customer satisfaction, and professional paving services. Whatever paving project you need help with, we are happy to assist with advice, a free quote, and excellent service!

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We are a fully licensed paving company with many years of experience in the asphalt industry. When you need a trustworthy paving contractor, look no further than GA Parking Lot Paving Pros. But if you do want to look further, our quotes come with a no-hassle, no-obligation guarantee so you can compare quotes with no stress.

Full Service Paving

Our full range of service offerings means you don’t have to find and hire multiple contractors for one project. We offer start-to-finish paving on asphalt projects Our paving contractors start with proper grading, and finish with quality line striping. We also offer asphalt maintenance and repair, so your asphalt surfaces are always in their best shape! Our wide range of top quality paving services include:

  • Grading
  • Paving
  • Repair
  • Sealcoating
  • Striping

So when you have a parking lot or other paved area that you need installed, resurfaced, or repaired, get in touch! We’re happy to provide a free estimate.

Residential and Commercial Projects

Our asphalt contractors work on all types of projects. We install residential driveways, pave commercial parking lots, and repair damaged pavement on private roads. We also offer resurfacing, which is a cost-effective method of refreshing your asphalt surface. First, we mill the asphalt pavement to remove the top layer, and then we pour fresh, hot asphalt on top. This process provides a completely new driving surface and extends the life of your pavement by 20 years or so!

Browse our site to learn more about our service offerings, or call us for a free quote today!

Our Asphalt Paving Services

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Parking Lot Installation

Our commercial paving contractors offer professional asphalt installation and resurface existing asphalt parking lots. Make a great first impression on customers with a beautiful parking lot and brightly lined parking spaces. Our excellent work in commercial projects will reflect well on your business for years to come.

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Parking Lot Resurfacing

Resurfacing your parking lot is a budget-friendly way to give old asphalt a facelift. The resurfacing process involves keeping the sub base layers in place, and just replacing the top layers of asphalt. This method extends the life of your pavement by 20 years or so, for a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

asphalt parking lot patch

Parking Lot Repair

Damaged parking lots are both unsightly and a liability. Restore the smooth asphalt surface of your parking area with our repair services. We patch potholes, fill cracks, and offer routine maintenance like seal coating for commercial clients. We’ll help keep your parking lot looking its best!

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Asphalt Road Paving

Asphalt is a safe, affordable option when you need roads installed on your property or in your neighborhood. We are a paving contractor who works with cities, property owners, and HOAs to install, repair, and maintain roads that withstand heavy traffic and severe weather.

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Commercial Paving

Professionally installed and maintained parking lots last longer and look better. Hire our asphalt contractors to perform regular maintenance and save on future headaches and repairs! We offer pothole patching, asphalt overlay, crack-filling, sealcoating, and more asphalt paving, repairs and maintenance.

Line Striping

Professional line striping gives your parking lot that little something extra. Our bright, high-contrast, and long-lasting lines will help guide drivers and promote safety and orderly parking. Call us for a free quote on parking lot maintenance and restriping today!

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Residential Paving

A reliable driveway with a smooth surface boosts curb appeal and driving comfort. Our experienced crew resurfaces and installs new asphalt driveways throughout Douglasville, Woodstock, and Kennesaw. If your next home project involves getting your driveway lengthened or extended, we provide free quotes and consultations. We also offer driveway repairs and maintenance!


These guys are REALLY GOOD! We had our parking lot asphalted They took the time to make sure everything looks good and it’s exactly what we want. Our parking lot looks beautiful.

Arnold C.

Parking Lot Services

They were a pleasure to work with. This team did a great job with asphalt sealcoating of our parking lot in the back and side yards. The job was completed in two days. Very professional and expert work. Highly recommended.

Sam G.

Commercial Paving

They helped us with a commercial asphalt driveway paving; response, communication, and scheduling were fast and easy. Highly recommended.

Robert A.

Asphalt Driveway

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